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Britney’s “Mood Ring” Producer, Jon Asher, Reflects On The Song’s Creation (Interview)

Britney's colorful Glory track, "Mood Ring," is an otherworldly ray of light.

Britney's ninth studio album has a vibe, and if there's one song to set the overall tone, it's "Mood Ring." The haunting electro track finds Britney reflecting an array of moods while singing over a sinister beat crafted by DJ Mustard and Twice As Nice (Rihanna's "Needed Me"). The song wasn't featured on Britney's U.S. release of Glory, but landed on the Japanese edition.

BreatheHeavy caught up with one of the song's producers / co-writers, Jon Asher, who is currently working on demo pitches for B10. He says creating "Mood Ring" was one of the best works he's ever taken part in.

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