Listen to “We Don’t Talk Anymore” here.


“It’s such a shame that we don’t talk anymore.”

Charlie Puth’s collaboration with Selena Gomez has arrived a little early, thanks to some overzealous uploaders over at Spotify Mexico.

The island R&B influenced track sounds like it’d be a perfect fit on Gomez’ most recent LP, ‘Revival.’ The mid-tempo sits beneath breathy vocals from the pair, who sing about an ex-lover who’s life they no longer know anything about. It’s a strong showing from both Charlie and Selena and it has summer hit written all over it, so hopefully we’ll see a single release for “We Don’t Talk Anymore” later this year.

Charlie opened up to MTV last year about how he managed to make this particular collaboration happen, saying:

I met up with Selena, and she went through a very public relationship, on and off, and she could just relate to the song and the lyrical sentiment. I was playing the song for her, and she just started singing the second verse. I got chills. I was like, ’Oh my gosh, that sounds so real. You need to sing on it.’ And she said yes.

Charlie’s album, ‘Nine Track Mind,’ officially hits the shelves next week and includes his collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and Meghan Trainor.