Listen Now: Lola Blanc's "Like Beyonce"

What is this infectious beat and catchy lyrics I’m enjoying?

Oh. It’s just Lola Blanc’s cheeky new song about us peasants attempting to live live Beyonce. Hashtag we woke up like dis.

Following her last single, “Coconuts,” Blanc, who co-wrote Britney Spears’ “Ooh La La,” is back with her new song “Like Beyonce,” a fun bopper about being hot **** and spending out of your means. What else are your twenties good for?

Notable lyrics:

“We’ll be going all out. Act like we’re made. Ain’t gettin paid but rockin’ the chain. We’ll throw it all down, breakin’ the bank. We ain’t afraid to live like Beyonce.”

It’s the quirky track I needed to get through my weekend!

Take a listen here:

Do you live like Beyonce?