Hilary Duff sings about having a ****** day in her latest “Breathe” track.

Listen: Hilary Duff's "Outlaw"

Hilary Duff shares her darker side in the bonus song “Outlaw.”

Duff’s menacing and rebellious Fanjoy addition is another reassuring pop triumph for Hilary. From the looks of it, she is tired of always representing the good-girl thing (in music, anyhow). Duff fired up her ego and bad attitude in “Outlaw,” continuing the evolution from bubblegum pop into an edgier renaissance fitting for her 20-something-year-old fanbase.

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Duff sings about having a “****** day,” mean muggin’ and her red bra while slot-machine-like bells and whistles chime throughout. This latest Duff-penned “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” track is exactly the direction we’ve always wanted from the 27-year-old. Listen below:

And the “Chasing the Sun” Dave Audé Remix:

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