Check out Xtina’s much anticipated “Nashville” tune: “The Real Thing!”

Listen: Christina Aguilera Debuts "The Real Thing"

Christina Aguilera’s new single for “Nashville” titled “The Real Thing” is the real deal.

As promised, the much anticipated song from Xtina’s latest run on “Nashville” dropped, and it’s the long-awaited musical taste from the songstress we’ve been waiting for.

The track, which is available on iTunes, features Aguilera’s signature belting backed by a high-energy beat and electric guitar. It fits the mood perfectly for her character on the show, a pop star named Jade St. John – who absolutely does not have bleach blonde hair.

Notable lyrics:

“Baby I’m coming better ready yourself / Be looking for me cause I’m the real thing.”

Allow Xtina to put a spell on you by listening to “The Real Thing” here:

Country bars all around the U.S. better give thanks.

Expect her second “Nashville” single, “Shotgun,” to premiere next week (watch a preview here).

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