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Listen: Britney's "Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman" Acoustic Mix

Britney Spears’ “Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman” gets a stripped acoustic treatment that will spark some major nostalgia.

After the viral success from their “Brightest Morning Star” acoustic mix, Nick* and Lucas of Country Club Martini Crew rushed the release of their next project – a re-working of “Not A Girl” from Britney’s 2001 “Britney” album.

It’s a revitalizing take on classic Britney, a ballad co-written by Max Martin and Dido for her movie, “Crossroads,” and an explanation, rather… statement that she’s not that innocent (“I’ve seen so much more than you know now”).

Though fans get treated to a new song from the pop princess in just a few weeks, a new album is currently not in the works, so a gem like this original acoustic mix of “Not A Girl” is something extra special.

The collaborators tell BreatheHeavy.com of their mix:

On this one, Lucas experimented with some new guitar sounds so it’s a little more polished than some of the others. In line with our Mies van der Rohe approach of less is more, Lucas and I decided we only needed a shaker, finger snaps, and some handclaps. I combed through my archives and decided to chop up MJ’s live handclaps and a live shaker from another of his tracks (see if you can guess where it’s from). A little balancing here, some automation there, a light EQ job, and a remix was born.

Listen to it here:

They add, “[We] are constantly on the search for new (or old) songs to remix. We got lucky enough to get access to the vocals for this track and wanted to surprise Britney’s fan base with something a little unexpected. While we aren’t girls or trying to become women, I think we did an A+ job on this one! And a huge thank you to all the Britney fans who have spread our remixes like wildfire!”

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