Dua Lipa’s Oscar is incoming!


Dua Lipa’s Oscar is incoming!


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Years & Years might have accidentally confirmed the news that Dua Lipa is singing the next James Bond theme song.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, member Mikey Goldsworthy said he hoped the group would’ve landed the gig, but that he heard Dua already snagged it.

“I thought they’d ask us to do the theme song but alas I think it’s Dua Lipa doing it,” he said.

The presenter was like, ‘WAIT. WHAT?’

“Am I not supposed to say that? That’s what I’ve heard,” Goldsworthy continued. “I feel bad now, maybe I’ve ruined everything. Well hopefully, then we can do it!”

Thanks for the tea, Mikey!



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Dua is at the top of the list to record the next James Bond theme song, according to a new report from Capital FM.


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They suggest Ed Sheeran and Jessie J are also in the running. Jessie would be a solid second choice, but keep Ed far, far away from this.

If Dua lands this, she’d join the likes of Adele, Madonna, Sam Smith, Sheryl Crow, Bono and Paul McCartney, among many others.

The “New Rules” singer is on her way to becoming a main pop girl anyway, so if this happens… consider her newfound status a done deal.


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