They’re back!

Why is everything so heavy?

Linkin Park quietly worked on their seventh studio album for several years, and it’s finally ready. The band blasted fans with a heap of content today (Feb. 16), including their new Kiiara-assisted single, “Heavy,” as well as the tracklist, release date (May 19) and album title, One More Light.

“Heavy” is a new sound for Linkin Park. They tapped pop heavy-hitters Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter for the track, and crafted a song that sounds like something twenty one pilots would release (a compliment).

“The band, with every album, every song we’re trying to challenge ourselves. We like to try new things,” band member Mike Shinoda tells Billboard. “We want to explore new territory with the sounds and the songwriting. We’ve always been about mixing styles; I mean, Hybrid Theory was the name of our band before we changed it to Linkin Park. Linkin Park fans know that with every album you never know what you’re going to get, and the style can change dramatically and different elements, different genres that we listen to might sit more in the forefront than others.”

Shinoda added that “Heavy” reflects how the the rest of the album sounds. “We’re super-excited about the song, and the excitement around it has been kind of crazy. We’ve put out a lot of first singles, and I’ve actually kind of been taken aback by the amount of excitement over the song and everything.”

One More Light Tracklist:
1. “Nobody Can Save Me”
2. “Good Goodbye”
3. “Talking to Myself”
4. “Battle Symphony”
5. “Invisible”
6. “Heavy”
7. “Sorry for Now”
8. “Halfway Right”
9. “One More Light”
10. “Sharp Edges”

Listen to “Heavy” below:

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