Lindsay Lohan Performs with Duran Duran

December 10, 2015 By Jessica

The duet happened after all.


Singer/actress joins legendary band on stage after months of duet speculation.

It’s another odd step in Lindsay’s post-rehab career but the movie star seems at home on stage.

Duran Duran, one of the biggest bands of the 1980s, had previously publicised their efforts to put something together with the Rumors singer.

That something turned out to be a track called Dancephobia, where Lohan has a spoken interlude.

And on Tuesday night, Linsday joined the band on stage at their London O2 arena show to perform the song (2:02 onwards):

She also stuck around to perform their famous hit Rio:

It’s difficult to say what direction Lindsay is planning to take by collaborating with a band her target audience typically wouldn’t be familiar with. It’s also hard to say if this is Lohan’s first foray back into making music again after an extended absence from the scene. Her last album was released in 2005 and her last single, Bossy, was released in 2008.

Should Lindsay Lohan make a musical comeback in 2015?