The next NY Times Best Seller.


Actress. Singer. Designer. Model. Songwriter. Director. Producer. Author.

Lindsay Lohan has had somewhat of a reinvention in 2016 as she’s transformed into a bilingual charitable activist, involving herself in politics and fighting for refugees.

It’s a new kind of unpredictability for the 30-year-old and, to be honest, much more entertaining than some made her public downfall and alcoholism out to be.

Now, in the next plot twist, it appears 2017 may be the year that New York Times Best Seller is added to Lindsay’s résumé as she has revealed she is currently writing a book.

“Travelling sometimes leaves you speechless and in that silence, it leads you to greatness with a lot of stories to tell. – Lindsay Lohan (book coming soon)”

This is the quote she shared on Instagram to announce the news. Yes, she really did quote herself.

Is it a tell-all? An autobiography? A political analysis of the West’s immigration policies, embedded xenophobia and the refugee crisis?

For now, all we know is that LiLo is #writingatruestory. So, in the words of Britney, we’ll have to wait and see.

Book life. #writingatruestory #Luna2 #LOHANVILLA #peace #serentiy ?

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