Lindsay Lohan is at it again! No not the booze – complimenting Britney!

Lindsay took to her Myspace blog yesterday evening, and praised both Britney’s personal and professional life (ignore her terrible grammar and punctuation. I know, it’s hard for me too)!


-i feel like Britney Spears is an amazing talent, and she has gone through a lot, (just as i have) in the public eye.. which is not necessarily a bad thing.. It teaches young girls and boys that there are certain things in life that you should not let get in the way of your dreams and accomplishments. also that you need to take care of yourself before anyone else, and i mean anyone and everyone else. because at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see who you really are. stripped of all the distractions in life. so YAY Britney for just being you and still following through with your dreams. i know i am a bit late in writing about this record since it came out already, but better late than never!!!! 🙂

yours truly,

check out:
unusual you
if you seek amy-look at the title and listen to the chorus carefully 😉
shattered glass

I love that she’s being cool with Britney again – like Britney even remembers who she is. Kidding, how could she ever forget! And lol @ Lindsay thinking she’s crafty by pointing out “If You Seek Amy’s” double meaning. Makes me just want to curl up to a cozy firecrotch and watch “Mean Girls.” And by “Mean Girls” I mean “Dark Knight.”

PS – enjoy the old screen capture above from when Britney mocked Lindsay on her official site last year. Ya know, when Britney was actually allowed to speak her mind on it. Happy holidays!

Lindsay’s full rant under the cut.

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