“I’m back, *******.”

“I’m back, *******.”

That’s all I needed to hear today. Lindsay Lohan announced she has a new prank show named The Anti-Social Network and shared a preview of what we can expect. It’s worth noting she rocks her boring American accent in the clip.

The premise is simple! Lohan will hijack participants social media accounts for 24 hours while they participate in lewd and embarrassing challenges for prizes with hidden cameras capturing it all for our amusement. The news even made CNN.

“I love social media,” Lohan says in the teaser. “I mean, I am social media. Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around, especially near me. So I’ve decided I’m going to hijack your social media — your Instagram, your Snapchat, your Facebook, your Twitter, all of it — for 24 hours. If you can pull off three challenges, you’ll win some fabulous prizes. They won’t know that I’m the one that’s pulling all the strings.”

“I’ve decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth,” Lohan adds. “I am really good.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Anti-Social Network” is being shopped for distribution.

Hijack me Queen.

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