Lily Allen announced her new album is titled ‘No Shame’ and drops on June 8.

Lily Allen announced her new album is titled No Shame and drops on June 8.

She also shared two new songs off the record, both of which will soundtrack a romantic date in your apartment quite nicely. They’re titled “Higher” and “Three.” The first is a somber transcript of Lily’s internal dialogue to herself. The latter is inspired from her young daughter’s outlook on the world.

Lily Allen Sheds Light On A Dark Past In The “Trigger Bang” Video Featuring Giggs, Announces New Album ‘No Shame’

“It’s the best album I can make. There haven’t been any outside sources telling me what’s right and wrong, what’s going to work for radio and what isn’t, so that’s really great,” Lily told Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga. “That also means when it comes out, it’s my fault.”

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Listen to the new tunes below:

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