Lil Mama’s New Music Video For ‘Sausage’ Is Amazing

May 29, 2015 By Jarvis

It’s so wrong, it’s right.
Lil Mama’s New Music Video For ‘Sausage’ Is Amazing

Her lip-gloss is still poppin!

While some pop stars are copying Fancy following formulas that were already successful in their pursuit of the song of the summer, Lil Mama went in a unique direction.

Her new song and video for ‘Sausage’ drew inspiration from the 90’s, but presents itself in a completely fresh way. Despite having a strong retro vibe, no one will be throwing swagger jacking claims at Lil Mama for this video. She pays appropriate homage to Mary J Blidge, Madonna, and the Vine videos that inspired her.

Lil Mama’s role in the TLC biopic also seems to have influenced her because this is as safe-*** positive as anything the girl group released in the 90’s. She chants, “you better use a condom if you taking that sausage,” to really drive her point home.

She also proved that her years of judging MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew were well deserved because she slays choreography in this 4 minute long video.

Most importantly, her rap skills are on point and she doesn’t get enough credit for them in this Nicki, Iggy, and Azealia dominated female rap world.

Lil Mama has always reminded me of a young Missy Elliott with her ability to make a feel good track that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hopefully, there is more to come from this new Lil Mama.

Are you feeling Lil Mama’s ‘Sausage’?