The Kardashians inspire her.


Lil’ Kim is ready to show the world a different side of herself with a new reality show.

Her new reality show, Keeping up with The Queen Bee, seems to be much lighter than her previous show, Countdown To Lockdown, which chronicled her life as she prepared to go to prison in 2005.

Kim is at a different place in her life and is ready to return her focus to music…maybe. The preview showed the rapper spending more time talking about furs, cars, and famous friends rather than where she’s going as an artist. I’m all for delusions of grandeur, but a whole series of that would be more sad than entertaining.

The preview wasn’t all name dropping and reminiscing. Kim did shift the focus to her music, saying:

“The new album, I’m pulling out all the stops. Puffy is back in my life. I’m getting ready to re-launch the new label. I’m recording and making bottles at the same time, changing diapers. It takes a lot, Lil’ Kim is a big brand.”

Nowadays, Lil’ Kim is mostly known for her ever-changing appearance and rivalry with Nicki Minaj over her own music; it will be nice to see her motivated and creative again.

One glimmer of hope from the preview was P. Diddy , who is back in the studio with Kim. They produce some of her most memorable tracks together, most notably her hit from the year 2000, “How Many Licks.”

The reality show has no set release date so hopefully it does eventually see the light of day along with her new music.

Will YOU be tuning in to Lil Kim’s new reality show?