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Lightning Strikes Twice! Camila Cabello And Pharrell Have Another Hit On Their Hands With “Sangria Wine”: Listen

Take a sip of Camila Cabello and Pharrell’s new duet, “Sangria Wine.”


Take a sip of Camila Cabello and Pharrell’s new duet, “Sangria Wine.”

“Havana” is Camila’s most successful charting track to-date. The Pharrell-produced track topped the Billboard Hot 100 the same week her debut album peaked at No. 1. CC and Williams capture lightning in a bottle once more with “Sangria Wine.”

The two performed it together at one of Camila’s shows last month.


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“Honey said she want somebody break her off proper,” Pharrell sings over a Miami-flavored beat and pulsating snares. “Now she so relentless so nothing can stop her / Never loved the city (come on, man) but she swear she’s the darling.”

Camila purrs in Spanish over Pharrell’s slinky production. “Yo sé, yo sé, yo sé, yo sé que tú quieres mi cuerpo, eh / Y quieres controlar mi mente, eh / Y todo el mundo quiere ser / dueño de ella / Pero nadie puede, ¡ay!”

It’s got song of the summer written all over it!

The track is available to stream beginning at midnight local time (9 pm PST):


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