Britney’s new single faces yet another setback.


Britney’s new single faces yet another setback..

The last story BreatheHeavy published alluded to Britney possibly releasing her forthcoming single, titled “Make Me (Oooh)” this week. It was sent to German radio, and where there’s smoke… there’s fire. Unfortunately, a new report from The Sun drenched the rumors – they claim a source has indicated the single will not be released in the very near future because record execs don’t like how her voice sounds on it.

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A source says: “The single has been a nightmare for everybody involved. When it came down to the final version of the track, the label just didn’t like her voice and the producers were struggling to make it work with the recordings they had.”

Team Britney desperately wants the song in rotation for summer airplay, so they’ve held several emergency meetings to discuss their options.

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“They’ve tried to find someone to add some guest vocals to strengthen the track instead of finding time in Britney’s schedule to re-record – but they’ve really struggled. It’s been very stressful, the track should have been out a long time ago now.”

Last month, the Las Vegas Sun reported her new single would premiere at the Billboard Music Awards, then later cited production delays as to why it wouldn’t.

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“I’m reliably told that technical production difficulties outside Brit and her management’s control have caused a delay in the scheduled release of the video and single until later this summer,” they said at the time. “She is like us truly saddened that matters outside our hands have set back the hoped-for schedule. We’re told that it’ll now be later in the summer, but we don’t even know exactly when yet until production hiccups are resolved.”

This completely contradicts our German Radio story. And why film a music video? Why promote “Private Show?” Perhaps they’re throwing us off their scent?

ANTi teas.

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