A verdict for Britney’s driving without a valid license trial is expected to be reached today. Britney, who was involved in a minor fender-bender last August, has not been required to make an appearance at the hearings as it is a misdemeanor case. Britney’s legal representation, Michael Flanagan, has attended to all of Britney’s legal matters along with her father / co-conservator Jamie Spears, who tirelessly manages all of Britney’s legal woes.

According to People.com, Flanagan previously chose to opt out of a plea deal in which Britney would owe a $150 dollar fine and 1 year probation. “My client will never plead guilty to this charge, which should be reduced to an infraction,” said Flanagan, who twice turned down prosecutors’ plea deals. “We’ll appeal any conviction.”

As a result, Britney, if found guilty, could face up to 6 months in jail and a owe a $1000 dollar fine.

A 12 person jury, made of up of 10 women and 4 men including two alternates, had a “neutral” perception of Britney – though most expressed some sort of compassion for the popstar. “I think she’s a train wreck, but it’s not her doing,” said Juror No. 1. “She has some not good people around her. It’s a sad situation.”

Other members in the jury agreed, adding that Britney faces severe medical problems, “but with the right help, she’ll be okay.” Another claiming the trial was “ridiculous.”

People.com reports Spears’ attorney Michael Flanagan argued that Britney, who currently possesses a valid Louisiana state license, was not required to get a California state license until she becomes a permanent resident of the state: “She regards Louisiana as her [permanent residence],” Flanagan said in his opening statement last Thursday. “She’s building a new house there, where she hopes to return as soon as her custody situation is straightened out.”

Flanagan also argued that Britney “currently pays income taxes in Louisiana, is registered to vote there and never applied for a homeowner’s exemption for a tax break on her Los Angeles home.”

Jamie Spears, who was called upon to testify by Flanagan, agrees, adding that Britney’s prime reason for residing in Los Angeles is for the soul purpose of raising her two sons Sean Preston, & Jayden James.

“We’re here with her kids,” Mr. Spears said. “We have visitation rights. We have to stay to augment those rights.” Britney will move back to Louisiana once “we can travel with the kids (out of state) and spend time there,” her father said.

“Her home is Louisiana,” Jamie continued. As for when she’ll be returning to Louisiana, “There’s plans right now,” he said. When asked if he would allow Britney to testify, Mr. Spears said “no.”

Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Michael Amerian, according to People, “countered Mr. Spears claims that Britney is a Louisiana resident by stating that Britney’s voter status in Louisiana is ‘inactive’ because ‘she hasn’t voted there for some time.'”

Amerian, who was interviewed outside the courthouse last Friday by x17online.com after no verdict was reached as expected, said Britney’s hearing is unusual, but demanded misdemeanor charges be pursued. “I would say a very small percentage go to trial,” Amerian said.

“Cases like this, where somebody is charged with driving without a valid license, are frequently pursued as misdemeanors, when, as here, a traffic collision occurred,” revealed Amerian. “In this case there was a hit and run that occurred. While she was able to settle the hit and run with the victim, the driver’s license charge still remained. It’s when we have cases arising out of a collision, that we do pursue misdemeanor charges.”

Amerian also countered Flanagan’s defense, claiming that Britney had signed, under penalty of perjury, a document stating she was a California resident when filing for divorce in Los Angeles back in 2006.

Flanagan argued that Britney is “just here [in L.A.] trying to get her kids back.”

“She’s been hospitalized, she’s been driven crazy, do you blame her for wanting to go home?”

Stay tuned today for a final verdict on this trivial, yet persistent case in the on-going saga of legal troubles for Miss Britney Spears.

Good luck, Britney!

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