Lopez has her sights set on the former One Direction for her new album.


Because she’s not already impossibly busy, Jennifer Lopez is crafting a new studio album.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got, however do remain in awe of her tireless work ethic. Lopez, who launched her TV drama Shades Of Blue on NBC and kicked off the All I Have residency in Las Vegas this month, is gearing up for another major project, and she’s enlisting a retired boybander for help.

If Lopez has her way, and she usually does, One Direction’s Liam Payne will submit songs for her new album.

“Liam was asked round to meet Jennifer and they had a great chat about music and how they thought their styles could come together to create something she’d love,” a source told The Sun. “It went really well so he’s now going to work his hardest to write as many tracks as possible and present them to her.”

Payne is currently working on a studio album of his own, recently sharing a bit of it with fans after he teased his Juicy J collaboration days prior.

The source added, “He’s determined to be the best possible songwriter he can be and is thrilled a music legend like J-Lo would want to work with him.”

If you’re a big fan of Payne’s solo music, you’ll have to wait for it. The source continued while he does love recording, his focus remains behind-the-scenes. “Liam has been messing around writing songs in every genre — including even country and rap. He’s experimenting and having a great time being in the studio without the pressure of performing.”

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