Alexa, play “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne.

Liam Payne is in a tough spot. His new album, LP1, debuted at No. 111 on the Billboard 200 – likely a peak before it tumbles into oblivion, and his fans aren’t sure what to do now.

Instead of rallying together to elevate sales and streams, Payne’s fans want him to resort to the next logical thing? Create an Only Fans.

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If you’re the minority on this website who doesn’t know what an Only Fans is, fire up Google after this report and give it a search. Please make sure you’re not at work.

Check out a handful (of the many) Tweets encouraging the Liam Payne x Only Fans campaign.

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6 Responses

  1. I just saw him on Fallon and he looked so shy and uncomfortable. Like he was so self conscious. While Jimmy was talking about the album, you can tell his enthusiasm just went out the window. He’s probably embarrassed that his album didn’t do well. 💔 Poor Liam. 😢

    1. I went straight to YouTube to watch that video and omg you’re right! He gets instantly shy and embarrassed every time (like five at least!) Jimmy mentions his album and shows the cover (beautiful picture, he’s gorgeous…)
      But honestly? I’m kinda glad his album bombed because he’s a ****, rich and privileged white male so it’s nice to know or let him know that not only because he’s hot and has a lot of famous collaborations on his album it’ll be good or a success. He needs to step his p*ssy up. And the songs really are basic and even awful, and this IS about the music after all.

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