Mariah Carey is somewhere saying, ‘I don’t know her.’

My initial reaction to Liam Payne releasing a holiday tune with almost the exact same name as Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas classic is part outrage, part impressed.

Each year, Mimi’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” gets closer to topping the Billboard Hot 100. Mariah is working overtime this year to make sure it does.

Capitalizing off that success is our fav thirst trap One Directioner, who released a boring and bland ballad titled “All I Want (For Christmas).” Someone on Payne’s team knew damn well to throw in a pair of parenthesis to differentiate it a little.

Why is this so disrespectful, but so smart? Because Liam’s song comes up in the search results when you look for Mariah’s 💀.


“All I Want (For Christmas)” mentions the holiday a couple of times for good measure, but it could’ve dropped at any time this year because, let’s face it, this is not a Christmas tune. Like, can we at least get through Halloween first please?

There’s a cartoon to soundtrack the song. It features, um, Jon Snow? This is a lot to process.

Listen to it below, then let us know what you think in the comments. Also, BRB while I hide from 1D stans.

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  1. Liam is a mess and he has an awful taste in music. This is probably his best song as a solo artist so far, but it’s simple and sad so it’s not like he did much. And the title is a robbery. And the only thing that “makes” this a Christmas song is that it mentions “Christmas,” “December” and “tree” wtf…

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