Liam Payne believes in the power of positive thinking.

Despite a massive social media following, Liam Payne’s new album, at least by the numbers, tanked.

LP1 debuted at No. 111 on the Billboard 200. That’s not a typo for 1 or 11. One hundred and eleven.

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According to Chart Data on Twitter, Payne’s release sold just under 10k copies, making it the lowest charting solo effort by an ex-One Direction member to-date. It’s worth mentioning Payne’s former bandmate, Harry Styles, debuted at No. 1 with nearly 500,000 in sales.

However, if you ask Liam, the album sold 2.5 million globally.

“I’m extremely happy we hit 2.5 million album sales globally really quickly, so it is something I dreamt of as a young man and I am happy that the dream came true,” he told Gulf News.

Sure, Jan. He likely confused sales with streams – and is including some of the singles he released before the record ever saw the light of day.

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  1. Ouch… That must be hard. The difference in sales between Liam and Harry is truly abysmal. But honestly, Liam’s music is so basic… Thankfully people aren’t that deaf.

  2. He seems like a genuinely nice guy but he comes off as so unlikeable and trying way too hard. His style is so unoriginal and he’s just unmemorable I don’t know

  3. “That’s not a typo for 1 or 11. One hundred and eleven.” We get it! OUCH! 😭😂🤣

    This is gonna break his heart for sure. 💔 😔 Well, atleast Harry ate that water scorpion so he didn’t have to say Liam has the worst music. 😂❤

  4. This isn’t surprising at all. ‘Basic’ is hardly enough to describe my feelings on Liam.

    For me, I look Back at Simon’s view when he crafted One Direction….. to him, he was unsure any of these 5 young men could hold a solo career. For me, Liam is his vindication. While they all had the opportunity to grow individually, only a few have really STOOD OUT. Harry is so unique, Niall has such a great acoustic sound, and ZAYN… that kid had the nuts to leave first and his slinky, **** r&b wasn’t half bad.

    But Liam!?? What the hell is he doing? It’s so uninteresting, so unoriginal, and at this point it’s just embarrassing. Hopefully this mess of an “LP” will send him back to the drawing boards

    1. HA! You see this is why I love you Prince Ali of Ababwa! I’m still not over the film and I still constantly listen to ‘Prince Ali’ and ‘Speechless’! 👳🏻‍♀️ Happy New Year! 🎉💋

  5. Liam 😭 stop embarrassing me here. He’s just basic y’all. He doesn’t know/understand about the Billboard stuff and music stats and pure sales and sps and all that sh-t like we do. 😔

      1. But he doesn’t. 😂 He’s just a simple guy who knows nothing but to make more muscles and produce what he thinks are “manly” music. Your average basic guy. 😭

        Happy New Year, Urbanney! 🎉💋

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