Liam Payne’s new song “Both Ways” is under fire.

Payne just released a new album titled LP1. Get it? There’s a song on it titled “Both Ways,” which finds the former One Direction member singing about hooking up with a bisexual woman and how hot that is.

It caught the attention of members of the LGBTQ community on Twitter. They called Payne out for objecting bisexual women. Based off the lyrics, it sounds like Payne believes bisexual women are only bisexual for the pleasure of men. He sings, “[I] like that you’re different.”

Here are a few more problematic lyrics:

“My girl, she like it both ways / She like the way it all taste / Couple more, we’ll call it foreplay,” and “Lovin’ the way that she’s turning you on / Switching the lanes like a Bugatti Sport / Nothing but luck that she got me involved, yeah / Flipping that body, go head, I go tails / Sharing that body like it’s our last meal / One and a two and a three, that’s for real.”

Sigh. #LiamPayneIsOverParty began trending worldwide on Twitter.

See some of the responses below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Remember #aaroncarterhornylevel? Liam was just trying to express his horny level.

    I really don’t think he meant to be malicious. The fact is sometimes bisexuality is ****. It’s just not JUST ****. Let him feel his oats.

    That being said, I listened to the album today and was bored. I’m not analyzing the song, I’m analyzing what I’m reading in this article.

    Also, did anyone take issues with “Bedroom Floor”? I honestly don’t remember. Weird that I don’t remember reactions to “Bedroom Floor” but I remember #AaronCarterHornyLevel. Choices.

  2. …..but change all the “she” for “I” and the world would be loving this, people are so two-faced *rolls eyes*
    Having said that, his voice is ordinary and weak, his singing is uninspired, and THE SONGS HE CHOOSES ARE MEDIOCRE. But he actually seems like a good guy. There’s this relatively long interview by MTV News in which he seems nice and like he’s really trying to learn from life:

  3. Oh my god I didn’t know this happened. Ughhh the woke generation again and cancel culture. Not my baby boo. 😔 I mean, yeah I get why the lyrics are problematic. Points have been made. I was shook when I listened to the album. BUT not being biased at all, I honestly think he wasn’t even thinking about it like that. I think he just wanted to sing about our *** life and I’ve told him many times not to write a song about it but here we are. And I actually like the song cause it is such a horny song and I live for that. 😂

  4. People are way to sensitive nowadays. That wasn’t how it was meant, I’m not a fan of his but things are taken out of context. Not everything that mentions the LGBTQ community has to be nip picked!

  5. It sounds like he and his partner enjoy an open relationship, with consensual adults. She could be straight, bi, trans, etc. So can he.

    So many other artists sing about much more offensive things

    I mean currently Billie Ellish sings about seducing her boyfriends father…? I am sure parents love hearing their kids sing that lmao

  6. Why bother arguing about one song? The “album” is just trash. Liam doesn’t know who he is as an artist. He’s stuck in that pop-star get the girls set of mind. I look At Harry Styles and Niall Horan and it’s just evident what music influenced them as kids, and now adults. They both found unique sounds. Liam has 19 tracks produced by different trend-hoppers and you can definitely feel that.

    The “album” Is tacky in the way it’s so blatantly sexual. It’s not a good sexual, it’s a try hard sexual.

    Just my two cents.

  7. The song is just really bad tho. Like super cringey. At least Cool for the summer (Demi) and Girls (from Rita and friends) were catchy.

    He really needs to find his voice or a unique aesthetic. Listened to all 19 tracks and still would not be able to recognize his voice if it randomly shuffled on. Thought Ed Sheeran was singing Stack it up.

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