Updated: Payno reveals his rap skills in new Instagram vid.


UPDATE: Liam JUST dropped a preview of, quote, “a little song I wrote for fun yesterday” featuring the debut of his rap skills:

Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

There you have it, the first (10 seconds of a) solo One Direction song! Who figured he’d beat Zayn to the punch?

In other news, after camping out in LA the past few weeks while finishing a long term collaboration with rapper Juicy J, Liam headed back to the United Kingdom. But not before hired pesky paps managed to ask him a few questions about the state of One Direction:

In case you couldn’t hear the chaotic Q&A:

■ One Direction splitting up? “No, we just got nominated for two Brits, looking forward to it!”
■ Is One Direction splitting up? “No, no, no”
■ Is 1d splitting up? “No, no, no, no”
■ Is Zayn coming back to 1d? “Who knows?” (Don’t fuel the conspiracies, Liam!)
■ Does he want Zayn to come back? “He’s just doing his own thing.”
■ Would he welcome him back? “Yes of course, I love Zayn, he’s great”
■ Would you ever replace Zayn? “No”
■ He likes pizza and football. Groundbreaking.
■ Are Harry and Kendall Jenner really dating? “Blah blah blah”
■ And finally, a truly original question: Is One Direction breaking up? “No. Would anyone else like to ask me if we’re breaking up?”

Fans have been speculating the constant back and forth regarding a possible split from the band is due to a management/label switch, and these routine split articles are undermining the band as they attempt to escape their extremely unpopular current team. March 2016 was always the official start date for their break, perhaps it will instead be revealed as their official restart month with a new label?

On the 1D music front, all but one of the allegedly solo songs of Harry’s that sent fans into a spin in December, now no longer list Harry as the performer, meaning he probably isn’t keeping the songs for himself.

Are you ready for rapper Liam and songwriter Harry?