My body is ready.

Lady Gaga and Boys Noize are making weird music magic together.


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Boys Noize says the song he cooked up with Lady Gaga is a hit!

“[Lady Gaga] is so cool,” the German producer said to Boiler Room (via Hook32).

“She is definitely one of the coolest artists I met that is ridiculously famous, but so down to the ground. She asked me, ‘You know [UK techno DJ] Surgeon?’ and I was like, ‘Are you f—ing with me?’, and she was like ‘Yeah, he’s my friend, he opened some of my shows.'”

He added: “She’s down to techno and what’s crazy is that she got into modular stuff too. I brought my modular system—and she spilled water on it, by the way—but it broke the ice and then we wrote a f—ing hit. But now she’s into modular, she bought a system, and we used that on some of her songs.”

My body is ready.


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I don’t speak German but I can if you like!

Gaga has been hard at work on her Joanne followup for some time now. The pop star cancelled the duration of her Joanne World Tour last year due to her ongoing health struggle with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, but the time off has been a blessing in disguise. She’s refocused and creating new music with Born This Way producer DJ White Shadow and Boys Noize. I need more “Scheiße” in my life.


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The German producer spilt the tea, err… water on Twitter.

“Lady Gaga spilled water over my modular system,” he said, prompting this response from Mother Monster:

“But then I resurrected it with a blow dryer it was a christening.” Fair.

He hit back: “and it spit out beautiful weirdness afterwards.”

See the Tweets below, then check out a glorious teaser of what you can expect his work with Gaga to possibly sound like. Hint: very very promising!


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