We couldn’t go a day without news of Britney’s much-anticipated Las Vegas residency earlier this year, but negotiations chatter cooled after Team Britney and Caesar’s Entertainment couldn’t reach an agreement about the amount of shows she’d perform.

Britney and her team want her to perform a “series of two-night engagements over two years, with extra dates possible during a convention week,” reports the LVRJ.com. The number of shows during this two-year period is the issue prolonging an inked deal.

Let’s face it: Britney performing in Las Vegas is a multi-million dollar gamble that could catapult her stardom further, or taint her polished image. If she succeeds, she’ll open the door for younger celebrities to reside in Vegas, or receive poor sales and contractually carry on a lackluster residency for two years. Britney news often leaks before it’s official, whether it be a collaboration, a music video concept or a surprise performance, so it’s no wonder many fans jumped to conclusions about this residency.

There’s definitely a split; half want her to continue touring the world and perform in their hometown/country, the other half see this as a new experience for her and the potential behind something new. Potential or not, there’s been little progress (publicly anyhow) about this lucrative deal.

A source tells the RJ “challenging times” make longer-term deals riskier. That is true, but it’s impossible to take big strides without it.

One thing’s for sure when Britney moves to Sin City: no sinning. It’s reported Britney’s team will keep a watchful eye on the sober superstar. “They really are going to be monitoring her behavior and moods to make sure she is feeling okay and ready for the hard hours of work she needs to put in each night,” said a source to In Touch. “Britney’s absolutely not allowed to gamble, and she can’t bring anyone back to her suite at the casino,” either.

That’s going to be troublesome for rumored boy-toy David Lucado, who’s innocently hung out with Britney since Valentine’s Day, including their latest trip to a tanning salon in L.A.. Perhaps Britney will ignore the orders and invite him along for the ride Kevin-Federline-Onyx-Hotel-Tour style. Then again, we know how that ended…

Caesar’s Entertainment, in charge of Planet Hollywood’s 7,000-seat Theater of the Performing Arts, confirmed they’re in “discussions with Britney Spears’ representatives regarding a potential headlining residency at Planet Hollywood.” Before that, Larry Rudolph told media he’d be “shocked” if the deal fell through. “Hoping to have a deal done very soon,” he said on February 5th.

The giant theater can be curtained off to a cool 4,000 seats if ticket sales fizzle, but with Britney’s track record we doubt that.

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