Let’s Speculate Britney’s Giorgio Moroder Song

January 28, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Let's Speculate Britney's Giorgio Moroder Song

If it were decided by the Internet, Britney Spears already recorded a half-a-dozen classics for her Giorgio Moroder track.

When it comes to rumors, Britney Spears reigns queen. We have no idea why she was in the dance studio recently, if she’s releasing her single with Iggy anytime soon, or more importantly… what song she’s half-recorded for Giorgio Moroder (she still has to sing the bridge).

What’s worse is everyone and their mom is an ~insider~ with ZOMG! EXCLUSIVE information, but in the end it usually turns out to be BS (pun intended). Moroder recently revealed Britney chose an “old” song to sing.

He also just told Yahoo! it’s a late ’80s song. “I listened a lot to her latest songs, which were all a little… the voice was a little mechanical — so many effects,” he told Yahoo. “While on this one, she’s basically without… a little delay, but no effects, no nothing. So it sounds really natural.”

According to peeps in-the-know privy to information us commoners aren’t, here’s a few song titles Britney recorded for Giorgio Moroder according to the world wide web.

Call Me

Let’s start with Blondie’s version of “Call Me” produced by Mr. Moroder. It is believed Britney came to Moroder with this ’80s classic in mind. The song is super fun, interesting and urban that’d suit Brit Brit’s vocals quite nicely. However, it was shot down by some anonymous music insiders. UGH.

On The Radio

Then there was a rumor Brit Brit’s recording Donna Summer’s “On The Radio,” written and produced by (you guessed it) Giorgio Moroder. The ’70s bop would also suit Britney’s peppy bubbly personality! The insider wrote Brit’s fans can look forward to hearing the song “On The Radio.” They backtracked almost immediately, blaming auto-correct (**** you again Siri) for capitalizing the phrase and claimed it was a mistake. He meant whatever she records will do well on the radio; she’s definitely not singing the Summer smash. WOMP.

Dancing Queen

I can’t explain this last rumored cover-choice, but does ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” need any explanation? Does Britney Spears covering ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” need any explanation? I didn’t think so.

What classic would YOU like to see Britney Spears cover?