Let’s Speculate A Beyonce Performance At The Grammys Shall We?

January 26, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Let's Speculate A Beyonce Performance At The Grammys Shall We?

We’re one step closer to watching Beyonce perform at the Grammys.

Beysus is the holy grail of surprises, so it’s no surprise she’ll possibly ****…! appear on stage at the Grammys on Feb. 8. I imagine she’d show considering the “Haunted” singer’s nominated for Album of the Year, Best R&B Performance, Best R&B Song, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Surround Sound Album (that’s real) and Best Music Film, but you never who Beyonce wants to bless her finite time with.

Well, we know she’ll grace us peasants with her immaculate beauty at the Grammys, because they just confirmed it.

This leads us to pose the question whether Beyonce’s required presence is simply showing up, collecting her several shiny awards, then heading back to her hotel room (avoid the elevators) to craft her next viral faux-pregnancy pic, or if she’s ready to pat some weaves on stage with the likes of Madonna and Sam Smith. She isn’t on tour, nor is she directly promoting any single (releasing the GoPro commercial a.k.a. the music video for “7/11” doesn’t count [doesn’t it?]), so why would, no… SHOULD Bey perform?

Because she is undeniably one of the greatest musicians in the entire world, and pretty hurts.

If she *DID* have a performance up her sleeve, Beyonce has an extensive catalog of songs to choose from. Let’s assume she leaves out everything pre-Beyonce (the album, GOSH), there’s still plenty she could sink her Kitty Kat claws into. The obvious choices are “7/11” or “Drunk In Love” because one of them is the most recent and the other is a global hit. But there’s also “Feelin’ Myself” or “Flawless,” her collaborations with Nicki Minaj who’s also a rumored performer.

We can speculate til we’re blu ivy in the face, but the fact of the matter is Beyonce will win a Grammy come Feb. 8 (bookmark this), and hopefully make history with a surprise performance.

Oh, and then there’s this:

Let's Speculate A Beyonce Performance At The Grammys Shall We?

Because Madonna can’t steal all the spotlight on music’s biggest night.