Love is in the air?

Nick Jonas and Demi are reportedly an item.

I just pulled one over on you and I’m sorry about that. You probably read that headline and assumed I was referring to Demi Lovato. You know, because Nick and the Confident singer have history together. Unfortunately, that was clickbait, and you fell for it, and baby I’m sorry (I’m not sorry!).

RadarOnline claims 25-year-old Nick and 55-year-old actress Demi Moore are together. I listed their ages, because, well, you know…

According to the tabloid site, Demi’s daughter Rumer set them up. “Rumer knows Demi is attracted to younger guys, and she figured that since Nick is single and has experience with older women, he’d be up for a love connection,” an insider explained. “They hit it off — and now Demi and Nick are hooking up.”

Nick has been linked to Kate Hudson, 38, and Delta Goodrem, 33.

There’s also this gem of information from the ~source.~

“Nick is Demi’s youngest man yet, but he’s one of the most mature guys she’s ever been with.”

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. A not-so-blind item on Crazy Days and Nights suggests this is a bunch of BS.

This former A+ list tweener who needed the whole family to get to A+ list is not dating this permanent A list mostly movie actress. Oh, don’t get me wrong. She likes them young and you can ask her daughter’s boyfriends about that. The thing is though, she also likes them to be into her and that former A+ lister is about 180 degrees from that.

You know what? I am going to believe this rumor anyway. If you only knew how badly I’ve wanted to be Demi Moore since seeing her in Charlies Angels

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