Let's Just Assume JLo And Mariah Carey Both Have Vegas Residencies

You get a Vegas residency, and YOU get a Vegas residency AND YOU GET A VEGAS RESIDENCY!

Here I was thinking JLo and Mariah Carey were duking it out for a chance to perform in Las Vegas on a semi-permanent basis, but by the looks of it the two divas may share the spotlight (sinister laugh).

TMZ’s reporting JLo drew in the audience Caesars Entertainment hoped for to continue negotiations on her Vegas residency, earning $410,000 for her NYE performance at Caesars Palace.

“Caesars was pleased.”

It was previously thought JLo’s show was a no-go because her monetary demands were astronomical (***** deserves it). A Caesars Entertainment source told the Las Vegas Sun:

“There’s no way the numbers can work out for a residency with just 4,000 seats. She’s an arena act now, but hopefully one day she’ll see the advantages of staying put in one place for less money than touring.”

Meanwhile, Mariah was spotted at Caesars Palace this week – where there’s smoke there’s fiyah! Hi Mariah!

It’s rumored Mariah’s big Vegas announcement’s expected in the next several weeks. In Vegas time, expect that in April.

JLo saw Britney Spears’ Piece Of Me show a few weeks ago, starting the speculation she’ll take over Brit’s stage at the Axis theater inside Planet Hollwood during the times she’s off. Meanwhile, Mariah will headline over at The Colosseum.

It’s Britney vs. Mariah vs. JLo. Who’ll win?