Let’s Analyze Why Timbaland Posted Rihanna Artwork

October 29, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Let's Analyze Why Timbaland Posted Rihanna Artwork

Is Timbaland producing Rihanna’s first single?

RiRi’s remained tight-lipped about her upcoming album, but we might have a clue as to WHO’S producing the first single – Timbaland!

The superstar hitmaker posted the above illustration on his Facebook out of nowhere today. Sure, it could simply be something dope that caught his eye, but perhaps he was in Rihanna ModeĀ© and felt inspired.

A ~top secret~ document floated around the Internet last week claiming Rihanna’s new album, reportedly titled the “Lost Files,” had features from Nicki Minaj and Eminem – nowhere did it mention Timbaland, and you know he’s not satisfied with just writing credits.

The thirst is real. What do YOU think?