Having a case of the Mondaze? Then give Stray Echo’s colorful new song “Pavement” a spin.


Having a case of the Mondaze? Then give Stray Echo’s colorful new song “Pavement” a spin.

New York City-native Stray Echo, named after experiencing a serendipitous moment where the songwriter/producer adopted a stray dog and wanted a stage name to symbolize an animal being freed from its cage, wrote and recorded his new song “Pavement” which premieres exclusively on BreatheHeavy today (July 11).

The upbeat ditty features a barrage of oohs while Echo slinks his soulful vocals around plunky guitars and a knee-slapping beat.

“I had been listening to a lot of 1970’s era African funk, punk, soul music,” Echo tells BreatheHeavy of the song’s inspiration. “People like Joni Haastrup, the Funkees and others. Their use of rhythm and orchestration is amazing, but also their lyrics are so unique. They can write one line that talks about the state of the government and their fight for freedom followed by a lyric about a girl in the corner of the room that they want to dance with. I thought that idea of not having to write a political song or a love song or a sad song, but just write a song was really liberating.”

Echo recorded the song at his home studio in Brooklyn.

“Most of the time I do all of the instrumentation and that was the case with ‘Pavement.’ It was definitely one of the more fun songs to track as the rhythms and guitar parts were a bit crazy and random.”

He adds: “I just want people to have a good time listening to the song and hopefully dance with someone they like to it. I personally don’t think people should write music to try and force a message down someones throat. I hope that whoever hears it can come away with their own unique take and personal attachment to it. The most important thing is that they feel something, good or bad, just feel!”

Listen below:

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