Live in the moment with pop star in training Jaron Strom.


Live in the moment with pop star in training Jaron Strom.

The butterflies in your stomach, that shaky feeling, soaring towards the start of your life or plummeting to your death – falling in love is all of it, and the subject singer Jaron Strom is currently inspired by in his new song “Freedom.”

“That moment when you wake up slow on a Saturday morning with somebody you love laying next to you asleep, and just knowing you have nothing to do but be in their presence with the feeling of ‘Freedom’ all day long,” Strom tells of the inspiration behind his new song. “I think watching the sun come up in the morning while you laugh and roll around in bed with somebody you care about is one of the most peaceful but seductive moments in life.”

To Strom, “Freedom” means living carefree, “even if it’s a temporary beautiful moment.”

He says, “when you experience freedom, it’s almost like a pleasure but a feeling of protection and comfort. There is nothing better than feeling that with a person and knowing every secret they hold. When you walk in the room they feel freedom.”

The video for the song was intended to be simple, light, easy. It shows a guy waking up next to a gorgeous girl and embracing the moment with her while the morning passes.

“In the video you may notice that I’m day dreaming when I’m on my own, and singing the words like I wish I was with this girl every moment,” he continues.

“She gives me Freedom and I need it everyday.”

“I want people to see the video as a simple idea and not a complex story. It talks about the other person being your saving grace, brushing your hand through their hair, giving them kisses that bring up chill bumps, knowing every secret from their head to their toes, and just the simple things people share between each other when they are in love.

Listen to Strom’s smooth summer song below and then… go fall in love with somebody, will ya?

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