Watch the girls perform on Good Day New York.

Let Dumblonde Blow You Away With This "White Lightning" Performance

Dumblonde play nice when they’re asked dumb questions.

One thing’s clear heading into dumblonde’s new performance on Good Day New York: the interviewers were too lazy to do their research before speaking with the girls. Not only did they ask the very recycled why did you name your band dumblonde?, but were genuinely curious how the whole Danity Kane thing went.

BreatheHeavy reviews dumblonde’s kickoff show in NYC

After the brief interview, the girls begin a very wind-blown performance for their recent release, “White Lightning.” We love the Aubrey & Shannon dearly and look forward to our next chat with them, but the tea is they need their techs to turn the fan speed down a notch or two.

Check it out (PS – YES, they spell their band name wrong on the video below):

Everyone at Good Day New York is fired.