It’s a tribute to his grandmother who passed away three years ago.

Let Austin Mahone Warm Your Heart With "Not Far"

Austin Mahone pays tribute to his grandmother who passed away several years ago.

It’s hard to get cuter than recording a song for your grandma, but Austin Mahone successfully did it. The 19-year-old singer wrote and recorded a song titled “Not Far” for his Mema as a tribute, and shared it for free on his Soundcloud page.

He said: “Here’s a song that I wrote and produced about my grandma that passed away 3 years ago today.”

The song opens with some words of encouragement left for Mahone from his Mema on his voicemail before the auto-tune melancholy feelings kicks in.

Cause every time I’d fall you’d pick me up and I’d feel better | And all the things you taught me that I’ll hold with me forever | You’re smiling down on me, I know it

Listen here: