Leslie Sloane: “Brit’s Album Is Pushed Until ’08”

June 21, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears wacky style is just one problem the troubled pop star is facing these days. Brit’s on-again, off-again rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells Life & Style that the release of Britney’s new album — which she seems to have been working on forever and was due out this fall — has been delayed until sometime in 2008.

“I put her on hiatus,” Zelnik says. “Brit’s album is pushed until ’08. If she has no album, there’s no reason to do anything. I’m representing her in theory right now. I said that since the album is pushed back until ’08, let’s go on hiatus until we have a campaign to do.”

A music-industry insider says the album is delayed because Britney’s struggling creatively. “I’m surprised the album wasn’t pushed back to ’09 — everything’s up in the air with the album right now,” the insider says. “Jive [Records, Brit’s label] hated the songs Britney was coming up with, except for a few. The executives are not happy. And she didn’t want to listen to anyone. Everything was a problem for her. They wanted her to work with certain people, and she wanted the opposite.”

Source: Life & Style Weekly