Leona Lewis hopes her new new song “Home” will shed light on dog cruelty.


Leona Lewis hopes her new new song “Home” will shed light on dog cruelty.

Lewis is teaming up with ‘Stop Yulin Forever’ and Real Housewives Star Lisa Vanderpump’s The Vanderpump Dog Foundation to help end global dog torture.

The singer lent her voice to Academy Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren’s song titled “We Are All Looking For Home.”

“We’re doing a campaign together to campaign against the dog torture in Yulin, and one of my songs is going towards that campaign,” Lewis said last month at an event organized by Vanderpump’s organization. “It’s really, really exciting. I hope it’s gonna build some awareness. We just want to end it.”

“We are very excited to be working alongside such innovative women like Diane and Leona,” says Lisa Vanderpump. “They are just as passionate about this campaign as we are, and we truly appreciate their support.”

Lewis’ new song is accompanied by a Sarah McLachlan-esque video treatment showing the unfair treatment of dogs. It’s actually a bit hard to watch, however the song is stunning.

“Even if you can do like a meat free Monday,” Lewis continues, “things like that, and cutting out meat at certain times is helpful to animals, the environment [and] the mass meat industry that’s so terrible for our environment. Everyone can help.”

The PSA comes days after rumors spread Lewis was dropped from her U.K. label after recent dismal sales.

“It simply didn’t work out with Island [Records],” a source told The Mirror of her latest album I Am. “She made a great record and the label really championed her but something just didn’t click.”

If Lewis champions more songs like “Home,” she should have no trouble finding a second home.

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