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Meet Leo Kalyan, the man behind your new favourite song.

Leo Kalyan is a London-based singer-songwriter-producer whose rise to prominence is one familiar to the SoundCloud generation, gaining recognition from songs created in his bedroom and ending up on the radio.

Last month he announced his plans to drop a new song every month until 2018 and today we can find April’s cut, “Versailles”, featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

“Versailles” is a masterclass in modern R&B: his soulful vocals and killer melodies become one with the genre-blurring production – which incorporates elements of pop and electronica – for an ultra-smooth listening experience that takes you to another world.

“You’re just fine, aren’t you / Perfect like Versailles, are you” is one of the best lyrical moments I’ve heard in a song this year, as he closes the chorus over a luscious soundscape.

This one’s gonna be on repeat for a while.

Listen to “Versailles” below.

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