former Givati soldier Tzuri “Lee” Adeto (say that three times fast), Britney’s bodyguard turned photographer, is speaking out about his relationship with Brit after The Sun reported there was a fling between the two – even saying Lee spent several nights over at Britney’s home in the Summit. He had to expect this – Britney’s hair gets its own articles, of course dudes she’s dancing with would too!

In a statement to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth over the weekend, Lee claims he and Britney are just friends saying “There is no intimate connection between us. It is ridiculous to think that way. We are good friends, and Britney is the most charming person in the world. But I am not sleeping there, rather working at her house during the day and then returning to my own home.”

So I suppose he’s the photog of the personal Cabo pics… You know what? If Britney was aware the pictures were taken for the purpose of publication, and it betters Britney’s image, then I’m totally cool with it. Golf claps for Lee.

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