“I grabbed that sucker.”

“I grabbed that sucker.”

Donald Trump said he grabbed a virginal Britney Spears’ sweat-soaked hat during one of her performances in the late ’90s because she was “cute” and “beautiful.” The creepy comments come from Trump’s newly-surfaced interview with Howard Stern in 2007 via the Washington Post.

“That was when she was saying she was a virgin … and she was so cute,” he recalled of watching Britney’s show fourth row at his Taj Mahal casino. Trump was so infatuated with Britney he set aside his germaphobic neurosis. “She was sweating and looked beautiful and she threw her hat, right? Now normally if a performer throws a hat and it’s sweaty and wet and everything, I’d have no interest in it. But I grabbed that sucker,” he says. “She was so cute and wholesome and nice, I wasn’t even afraid of those germs. Today, if she threw it, I’d say ‘get that sucker out of here.’”

Something tells me Trump will never have to worry about that.

There’s also some grotesque commentary on Princess Diana and Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show performance. Read the story here.

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