Leaked: New Britney Spears Demo Leaks "Guilty"

This newly leaked Britney Spears song is today’s guilty pleasure.

Many years ago, a demo from Britney’s “In The Zone” era leaked titled “Guilty.” That release was a beautiful mess between the remixed background production from Quentin Harris and Brit’s zany vocal performance. This latest leak couldn’t be further from that, getting a vibey, chilled-out treatment sampling Prince’s “Kiss.”

Perhaps this is Britney’s plausible response to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” though she opted for her softer side with “Everytime” when push came to shove.

I have no reason to lie
I told you a thousand times
I needed you by my side, but you were nowhere to be found
But you pushed your luck
Now it’s all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

Seeing as we aren’t getting new Britney music for awhile, and when we do it has an Iggy Azalea feature, this will certainly have to do.

Listen to “Guilty” below: