Layout Ideas?

January 12, 2005 By Jordan Miller

I got to thinking…I will totally be re-doing over the next few weekends because it needs to be spiced up (including the all the subsections). I want to hear your guys input on what the new layout should be like. You know … it can be like professional look (pro), or more of a fun vibe, maybe a serious tone, or a sexed up feelin…it all really depends on you guys this time, because I want to see what you guys look for in a fan-site.Keep in mind that the new layout won’t be up for a few weeks, maybe even over a month. If you think this is a cool idea, then awesome, please leave some input, if not, then don’t continue reading. The best way would be if you left a comment under this update to tell me what you think, and I will read each and everyone’s comments, just don’t make it a whole friggin essay :tongue: . If you for some reason cant leave a comment, email me at [email protected], but i just want to make it clear, do NOT instant message me about this. Think about it for a while, get some creative ideas, then leave a comment!