Britney attended the opening of LAX, a new trendy hot spot in Las Vegas inside the Luxor. Below are pictures of Britney on the red carpet just before entering the club. Britney showed up fashionably late at around midnight. August 31, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Britney chills in the VIP section at LAX. She looks really cute! August 31, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Britney last minute decided to switch dresses with one of her friends. Upgrade!

Check out a few videos of Britney at LAX. August 31, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

And check out Britney dancing to “Gimme More!”

Vegas Luxe Life: Pop-princess Britney Spears and Mindfreak magician Criss Angel arrived separately for the gala celebrity-studded opening of the new LAX club at the Luxor this morning – but eventually woundup together wrapped in each others arms.

It was the biggest nightclub opening the world has ever seen- with crowds lining up as early as 5pm to get into the newest Vegas hot-spot. I’ve been in this business for 20-years and have never seen anything like this” LAX co-owner Steve Davidovitch told me on the red carpet. We had 50,000 email requests for 1st night invitations. We’ve only just opened and the line is almost 10,000 long and snakes the entire way around the casino, past registration and out into the main hotel entrance. The Fans, partygoers, guests were even hanging off the pyramid’s interior balconies watching the frenzy.

It was touch-and-go with Britney’s arrival. She decided to have her hair and makeup done in Los Angeles before hopping a 10pm private plane to the Executive Terminal here at McCarran – but Air Traffic Control kept her jet circling due to heavy inbound holiday weekend flights and instead of arriving at 11pm as planned – it was minutes past midnight before she raced down the red carpet.

She was smiling and waving coyly – and you’d never know she was fighting brutal battles with ex husband Kevin Federline for custody of their children and the new investigation by LA County’s Dept of Children & Family services that she’s neglecting her children and not properly handling their dental hygene, sleeping and eating requirements. As she sped down the red-carpet she refused all requests to answer questions – even those about her new leaked single ‘Gimme More’ her new comeback album set for Nov. 13 release – and whether she and Criss Angel will perform a disappearance, reappearance illusion with mirrors next Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards and then float with her dancers suspended over the stage.

Criss was also coy about the subject. He told me: “I keep secrets – I’m the master of illusion. Every morning when I wakeup I read the press to find out whats happening in my life. They seem to know more than I do. Maybe I’ll come over your house and we’ll watch the show together. I’m not saying anything and I’m not giving away any secrets. My job is never to reveal the truth.”

This was Britney on her Best Behavior- Girls Gone Mild! She and her 3 galpals sipped champagne and orange juice in a private VIP booth alongside DJ Am’s altar-booth. She put on two different pairs of sunglasses through the pre-dawn hours and went uptop the altar booth to shout-out to the jam-packed club filled with her frenzied fans. Plans were to keep LAX open past 6am this morning to accommodate the 9,000 people who would be lucky enough to go through the doors during the 3-time turnover flow.

“Luxor is forever changed, its president Felix Rappaport told me. This is the defining moment for the Luxor- and also for Vegas too with as new era of elegant and luxurious nightlife. Celebrities attending included Dave Navarro with new steady galpal Nicole Bennet, Carrot Topwith regular squeeze Melanie, Desperate Housewives new heart-throb Josh Henderson, Shawnand Damien Wayans, fight champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. despite the fact he’s previously been from the hotel due to a prior altercation, Spamalot star John Of Hurley, and the **** Fantasy dance troupe, NBA stars Drew Gooden, Al Harrington, Dahntay Jones, Cuttino Mobley, Hills cast members Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado- and investors in the new Luxor nightlifge enterprises LAX and Company: Wilmer Valderrama, Nicky Hilton and DJ AM. Ironically Britney’s ex-husband K-Fed’s ex Shar Jackson was also at opening night.

Although they arrived separately, performed their red-carpet duties separately and even inside were apart for a while, as the early morning hours ticked on Criss and Britney started hanging out together in the same main VIP stage booth. Then they began dancing together very cozy as a couple as one person noted for me.

Then Criss wrapped his arms around Britney and started whispering in her ear. Her face lit up with a huge smile and she began clapping her hands with the excitement of it all. With that the twosome took off from the nightclub for the inner sanctum exclusivity of its new Noir Bar speakeasy lounge.

Before I called it a night early today co-owner Robert Fry told me “It’s way beyond anything we ever expected. Its the biggest turnout I’ve ever witnessed in my life and was much much bigger than when we opened PURE. Its exceeded every one of our expectations. The great thing for us is that although it looks as if the world is here for LAX we’re still slammed full at PURE and Tangerine. So many people showed up with extra guests trying to get in that in fact we’ve been trying to send the LAX overflow up to PURE and giving disappointed guests here complimentary champagne and tables at PURE- but we’re full there too! ThereĀ is no doubt anymore that Vegas is the ultimate #1 nightclub city in the world.”


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