First off, X17 is reporting that Britney’s new lawyer Adam Streisand, may fight for Britney to contest her father as conservator today in court. He will explain that Britney is “mentally stable enough to retain her own counsel, which will be the first step in trying to put an end to father Jamie’s conservatorship.”

UPDATE: TMZ just received the following statement from Brit’s attorney Adam Streisand:

“At the request of Britney Spears, Adam Streisand, a Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP, met with her yesterday to discuss her legal rights in connection with the conservatorship over her person and estate. Following that meeting, Mr. Streisand learned that the court had issued orders that prevent Ms. Spears from retaining counsel of her own choosing, and on that basis, Mr.Streisand has decided he will not represent her at this time.”

Second, TMZ is reporting that Laura Wasser, Britney’s old custody lawyer, may make a comeback to represent Britney in her on-going custody case at the request of her parents. Jamie fears Trope & Trope (who represent Britney currently) because of their positive relationship with Sam Lutfi, the man that has been served (well not technically) a restraining order against Britney. Apparently, Wasser visited Britney on Tuesday at UCLA, in which the response from Britney was positive until…: “Britney ‘lit up’ when she saw Wasser. But there’s a hitch — we’re told the deal will be sealed ONLY if Britney doesn’t fight the conservatorship. As of Tuesday, she was fine letting Jamie call the shots, but it looks like that’s changed.”

And just for shits and giggles, check out this video of some random dude taking a picture with Mark Vincent Kaplan because he thinks that’s Britney’s lawyer, when in actuality he’s Kevin’s. Dude if you’re reading this, PLEASE send that picture over.

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