Tonight on Law & Order they had an episode that used characters based off of Britney and Kevin. The character “Skye Sweet” (a.k.a. Britney) played a pop princess who is attacked by the paparazzi, and is married to “Justin” (a.k.a. Kevin) The premis was that “Justin” (Kevin) hired a photographer to take pictures of “Skye Sweet” (Britney) snorting cocaine in a bathroom at an exclusive hollywood party (a setup). In return “Justin” (Kevin) would pay the photographer $100,00 dollars for the pictures. Push comes to shove, and the photographer who took the pictures of “Skye Sweet” snorting cocaine asks for $1,000,000 dollars. “Skye Sweet” (Britney) finds out “Justin” (Kevin) was going to use the incriminating photos of her to get 1/2 of everything she made in her entire career since “Justin”(Kevin) signed a pre-nuptual agreement in the beginning of their marriage (blackmail). In the beginning of the episode they show “Skye Sweet” (Britney) leaving her baby “Sophia” (Sean) in the car while running into Starbucks to grab a coffee. When the media hounds “Skye Sweet” (Britney), she cries and says “We’re people too!” And explains she left the windows open so the baby would be ok while she quickly ran in to get a coffee.

“Skye Sweet” stems from Skye Sweetnam, a singer who opened up for Britney for her “Onyx Hotel Tour.”

“Justin” stems from Justin Timberlake, Britney’s ex boyfriend.

“Sophia” stems from Sean, another S name referred for the baby.

The baby in the car scene stems from Britney riding with Sean in her lap as she escapes from the paparazzi after grabbing a Starbucks.

The “We’re people too!” line stems from Britney’s 2006 Matt Lauer interview in which she cries to Lauer because the paparazzi have been to agressive with her, and explains to Lauer that celebrities are people too.


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