Lauren Jauregui has a solo album in the works.

Lauren Jauregui has a solo album in the works.

This is a VERY interesting update from Billboard. They published an excruciatingly detailed “diary” from a Grammys party, and one of the updates revealed Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui has plans to leave Epic, where she’s currently signed (separate from the other members of 5H), and venture over to Columbia Records to release a solo album.

What’s interesting is the author said they overheard this crumb.

“12:37 a.m. Overheard at Sony’s party at the Whitney: Lauren Jauregui of 5H moving to Columbia from Epic to release solo album,” they wrote.

Of course, this lead fans to wonder if Fifth Harmony is planning to disband, or if the ladies will multi-task solo ventures with the band. That seems impossible.

Camila Cabello was able to secure a No. 1 album and song on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 simultaneously – perhaps her ex-bandmates want in.

Earlier this month, Lauren and producer Steve Aoki released a joint collaboration with “All Night.” In 2017, the singer teamed up with Halsey on hopeless fountain kingdom track, “Strangers.” Both songs performed well on the digital charts, so it’s only up from here!

Personally, I am very interested to watch Lauren’s solo career blossom; Fifth Harmony feels like a ticking time bomb.

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