Well after a week or so after NME.com reported that, Britney broke off the wedding to Kevin Federline; hundreds of other news organizations from online and local affiliate news stations are reporting the same news. Why the break up after such a cozy relationship? A bitter argument. According to Britain’s Daily Sport newspaper, the wedding was going to take place later this month but after a bitter argument, Britney told Kevin the engagement was off during a photo shoot for the new perfume “Curious.

A close friend says, “The dispute seemed to erupt over nothing. One minute they were all smiles, the next, it all blew up. There’s no way a marriage is on the cards if it carries on like this. “Britney tore into Kevin with a fierce verbal lashing and her minders and mom looked on really embarrassed. She said she didn’t want to get married. “It wasn’t until her brother Bryan and mother Lynne intervened and calmed things down that she stopped shouting.”


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