If Adele signs on the dotted line, the singer will become one of Las Vegas’ highest-paid performers.

If Adele signs on the dotted line, the singer will become one of Las Vegas’ highest-paid performers.

UPDATE // MARCH 21, 2018:

Rumors that Adele plans on launching a residency at the Wynn Hotel on the Las Vegas strip are heating up.

The latest claims she is very interested in pursuing such a project, but is worried the desert climate will have an adverse affect on her voice.

“Adele is always looking at potential work ideas,’ a source tells Metro.co.uk. “But the sandy, hot and dry winds could mean problems for her voice.”


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Last year, Adele was forced to pull out of her final two shows at Wembley Stadium due to vocal chord damage.

Get homegirl a humidifier and Celine Dion’s number!

For more on this, continue reading the original report posted last year.

EARLIER // OCTOBER 23, 2017:

Adele could join Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Cher and many more as one of Las Vegas’ staple strip performers.

Page Six reports the Wynn Hotel is readying a $26 million offer for the 25 singer to perform for 12 months. If she performed just once a week, Adele would bank $500,000 per show, making her the city’s highest-paid entertainer. They also mention that VIP meet-and-greet packages, which could cost more than $26,000, would help Adele rake in even more. That feels criminal.

“The days of entertainers coming to retire at Vegas are a thing of the past,” a source told the site. “In the last few years, we have seen massive stars performing on the Strip and every major hotel wants to say they have the biggest star as their resident. Caesars Palace had Mariah Carey, Planet Hollywood has Britney Spears, and we want Adele.”

Adele Threatens To Never Tour Again

They add: “Even at half a million bucks a show, we are confident we would make a healthy return.” They plan on presenting the contract to Adele in January, and will go through great lengths to make sure she’s happy. That includes accommodating any times she may cancel – you may recall the singer axed her remaining few dates of the 25 Tour because she damaged her vocal cords. “Adele is a professional, and knows her own ability. And we are happy to be flexible in negotiations if it’s needed in order to bring her on board,” they add.

My thoughts? She’ll take it. And why not? She could make bank and not deal with the craziness of traveling that a proper world tour demands. Adele has been VERY candid about not loving the tour life, so this makes complete sense.

And to put things into perspective, Celine earns $475,000 per show and Britney nets $375,000.

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