Larry Thinks Britney Is Fat

April 28, 2008 By Jordan Miller

OK that was a bit harsh. I’ll rephrase. Larry thinks Britney is amazing, just has to shed a few. Yeah that sounds nicer. Always best to sugarcoat! According to The National Enquirer (lol shutup), Larry Rudolph, Britney’s on-again off-again manager, claims in order for Britney to comeback on top, she must lose those few extra lbs: “Larry feels that Britney needs to lose twenty pounds and tone up,” The National Enquirer reports. “Larry doesn’t want her to be a joke when he restarts her career-and he wants her to look sexier than ever. He told her this is her last chance at a comeback-and if she wants it, she must fight for it.” AKA or it will make him look bad. Thus far “Britney is complying.”

Talks about her career already? I thought this was a time for healing! Sheesh…