Britney Spears is blaming Paris Hilton for hurling her into the anti-*****, head-shaving downward spiral which landed her in rehab … and now she wants someone to pay!

According to Page Six, Britney is enraged with her manager Larry Rudolph for introducing her to “nemesis” Hilton last November — and reportedly gave him the axe for it last week. But as of this morning, TMZ has confirmed that Rudolph has not been been fired … yet.

As TMZ first reported, Paris thought of herself as a role model for Spears, and even claimed that Britney was “grateful to be under Paris’ wing.” But shortly after the alliance had been formed, the lovefest crashed hard and the two haven’t partied together since.

Paris’ rep, Eliot Mintz, fired back at the Page Six article, telling TMZ, “That’s a matter between Britney, Larry and Leslie (Britney’s old again, new again PR rep).”

Calls to Britney’s reps were not immediately returned.


April 17, 2007 — BRITNEY Spears is trying to take back her career. Not only has the pop tart been back in the music studio and taking regular dance classes, an insider claims she fired her manager of several months, Larry Rudolph, on Friday. Spears, who’s been suffering from severe postpartum depression, blames Rudolph for recent missteps, including introducing her to her nemesis, Paris Hilton. There may be legal ramifications as she signed a multi-year deal with Rudolph. But, since she just rehired her one-time p.r. woman, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, we’re sure it will all be spun nicely in the press. Sloane didn’t know about Rudolph’s status when contacted.

Source: nypost

Pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS is facing legal action after reportedly sacking her long term manager LARRY RUDOLPH last Friday. The Toxic singer was last week said to be “miffed” at Rudolph for forcing her to seek professional help for her troubles, which resulted in Spears checking into a rehabilitation clinic in California in February. The 25-year-old was also seen mocking her manager’s decision to send her to rehab in a bizarre video rant which was posted on the internet at the weekend. But now Spears could end up in court for reneging on the deal she had previously signed with Rudolph, according to PageSix. The pop star’s PR aide Leslie Sloane Zelnik was unaware of Rudolph’s status when contacted early this morning


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